Beginner's Eye: Contemplative Photography for the Soul


Explore how photography can allow you to  see things in ways that you may have otherwise missed.


Beginner’s Eye is a unique contemplative/meditation experience that utilizes photography to slow things down and enhance the way we see our world in novel and original ways.  This allows us to uncover the color, texture and beauty that is normally hidden from view.

Beginner’s Eye is based on the Zen notion of “beginner’s mind; " that open and spacious place when we are completely receptive, fearless, totally present and connected to the wonder of each moment. A pure clear contemplative seeing awareness where everything is fresh and new.

Cultivating Beginner’s Eye deepens our connection with our true selves and our world around us; ultimately emphasizing our “being serene in the oneness of things.” You do not need to be a photographer in order to become a contemplative photographer through the experience of Beginner’s Eye. It is not about what you see; rather how you see it. The meditative/contemplative approach of Beginner's e will help you notice things in the world as if seeing them for the first time.

Let the photograph find you! 

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by R & T