THE ART OF BECOMING: Embrace Your Being

Event Date: 
July 2, 2020 - August 27, 2020
Event Location: 
-A series of sessions every other Thursday via Zoom/The Christine Center


Every other Thursday, from 10:30am to noon, beginning July 2nd.

Tuition: $15 

Sessions will take place via Zoom conference

This will be a time to explore and deepen our continual becoming. We are learning that we do not have to wait for a retreat to keep our deep work vital!

We become so stuck in the rigid labels, roles, expectations, and the like, that we ultimately identify solely with them at the expense of our essential nature.

Each session will offer us the chance to connect, discuss and contemplate specific topics from the great wisdom traditions that re-mind us of our essential spiritual becoming.

Between sessions there will be areas of exploration that we will all consider and implement into our daily lives, and to bring our experiences to each session.


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July 2

July 16

July 30

August 13

August 27

We will determine more sessions in August

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