Beginner's Eye: A Contemplative Photography Experience

Event Date: 
June 13, 2020
Event Location: 
Kinstone, S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, WI 54629

Explore how the lens of a camera can allow us to see things in ways that we may have otherwise missed.

Join us for this fun, contemplative/meditation experience that utilizes photography to slow us down and enable us to see our world in novel and original ways. Beginner’s Eye allows us to uncover shape, color, texture and beauty that are normally hidden from view. No photographic experience necessary!!

Beginner’s Eye is based on the Zen notion of “beginner’s mind” – that open and spacious place when we are completely receptive, fearless, totally present and connected to the wonder of each moment. This practice offers a pure, clear, seeing where everything is fresh and new.

Cultivating Beginner’s Eye deepens our connection with our true selves and the world around us. You do not need to be a photographer in order to practice contemplative photography. Contemplative photography is not a type of photography as is, for example, landscape or macro photography. It is not about having the right lens or the best camera, or following guidelines about composition and light, but rather, it is about the interaction of our inner being with the object in the viewfinder. Using the camera as an extension of our inner vision, contemplative photography focuses our attention and holds our awareness, making it a mindful act and a way to nourish within us the integral practice of abiding mindfulness.

The open, sacred landscape and intentional spaces at Kinstone make it a perfect place for a day of focused attention on awareness and vision. It is not about what you see; rather how you see it. Practicing seeing with a “beginner’s eye” will help you notice things in the world as if seeing them for the first time. This experience can be profoundly life changing.

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by R & T