Mindful Presence: Bringing greater depth to your life, your relationships, to your spiritual journey.

Event Date: 
May 17, 2019 - May 19, 2019
Event Location: 
St. Anthony Spirituality Center, 300 E. Fourth St. Marathon, WI 54448


Living mindfully with an alert mind and open heart require that we work on clearing away the obstacles, the hindrance and the distractions that interfere with accessing and living fully from our true and authentic self which is connected to and an expression of the Divine

By bringing to bear the mindful process of seeing clearly, we can exercise greater discernment in seeing the Divine’s role in our lives.  This gives a profound insight into the role that compassion plays in our spiritual journey.

These experiences will enhance one’s spiritual exploration with very useful practices that can be incorporated into our daily lives (personal, relationship and professional) and will bring great patience, openness and compassion into all aspects of our relationships.

By drawing on the teachings and practices from various traditions, this retreat offers participants the opportunity to enhance one’s journey as one that is deeply connected to the ongoing unfolding and flow that is inherent in all life. Embracing the life flow allows us to relate with great love and compassion to all that God, life, the Tao, the universe continually offers us on our journey.

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by R & T