Mindfulness in a Clinical Setting Mood Disorders, Pain, Trauma Based Dysregulation, Addictions

Event Date: 
March 10, 2020 - March 20, 2020
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Location: This is an online class through UW-Eau Claire

Mindfulness is a growing evidence-based method to combat stress, improve mental health and bring awareness to the reactions of the body. This four class webinar will enhance your understanding of the applicability of mindfulness and meditation as well as to teach you powerful and useful mindfulness tools to help your clients reach health and wellness goals. Each class with address four specific conditions (Mood Disorders, Pain, Trauma Based Dysregulation and Addictions) that are frequently encountered in clinical practice that have been shown to respond well to the practices of mindfulness and meditation. We will examine both the relevant research as well as practical applications which apply each condition. This webinar will be interactive and will provide ample time to practice specific methods related to each condition.

This is an online class for more info and to register https://ce.uwec.edu/programs/mindfulness-for-mood-disorders/  

by R & T