Mindfulness, It Is Not What You Think: An Introduction to Practice

Event Date: 
September 29, 2017 - October 1, 2017
Event Location: 
The Mandala Center, 96 Mandala Road, Des Moines New Mexico 88418


Beginning the path of mindfulness meditation is an ideal opportunity to live our lives with great patience, openness, and compassion. Living from a practice of mindfulness, offers useful ways of being more focused and alert to the flow of your life, feeling more grounded with a quiet mind and open heart.

This retreat will be a very dynamic and practical experience where we can peel back the layers of self-deception to see things clearly, as they truly are. The more we wake up, the more we can live our lives from an open compassionate heart, and a balanced calm mind; from a deep place of innate wisdom. This awakening reduces our fear-based reactions and cultivates our natural ability respond to life situations, others and ourselves with great patience, openness and compassion.

Drawing from the various insight and contemplative meditation traditions, we will learn the essential qualities of taking our meditation practice far beyond the cushion or chair, thus allowing us to remain fearless amidst the day-today flow of our lives; inviting our hearts and minds expand and radiate with compassion and intelligence. Ultimately experiencing the opening to our true nature.

The simple yet profound practice of mindful meditation, whether on a cushion or in a chair, or in a grocery line, or talking with another, keeps you in an open, balanced, and compassionate place that just makes this a better world.

This mindfulness meditation retreat will be a wonderful experience in developing a meaningful and beneficial meditation practice. You need not have any prior meditation experience. Or you may wish to attend to deepen or re-kindle your practice.

To Register please call The Mandala Center at 575.278.3002.  Click here for The Mandala Center Website.






by R & T