Sound Healing: Reclaim Balance, Energy and Clarity

Event Date: 
April 13, 2018
Event Location: 
Palm and Pine Yoga Studio, 1008 S 19th St in Jackson Plaza, La Crosse, WI

Every day, we are surrounded by sounds. Some pleasant like the gentle song of a bird or the coo of an infant, others neutral like the wisp of a breeze, others harsh and intrusive such as the news, traffic and alarm clocks. These latter sounds are a significant contributor to our stress levels.

Medical science has recently begun investigation into the possible benefits of such sound immersion. The depth of relaxation and calm, inherent in these therapeutic sounds, have been shown to aid the Central Nervous System to calm down the fight and flight response, which is at the foundation of the stress reaction and many conditions of dis-ease (high blood pressure, blood glucose, immune function and inflammation disorders)

SOUND HEALING  is an opportunity for you to:

Welcome and absorb the soothing, relaxing and calming effects of restorative sounds of ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls along with the deep resonation of gongs

Experience the depth and balance of relieving vibrational sounds in an atmosphere of quiet and safety

Learn the uses and history of bowls and gongs

Take part in a Q&A to wrap-up the experience

Come and treat yourself, your mind, body and spirit to the wondrous and restorative benefits of Sound Healing

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by R & T