The physical and emotional benefits of the use of sound for balancing and relaxing the body-mind have been embraced for thousands of years. From individual and group chanting, the sounds of bells, music and musical instruments, to the humming and cooing we offer infants for soothing.

Why sound immersion?

Medical science has recently begun investigation into the possible benefits of such sound immersion. The depth of relaxation and calm, inherent in these therapeutic sounds, have been shown to aid the Central Nervous System to calm down the fight and flight response, which is at the foundation of the stress reaction and many conditions of dis-ease (high blood pressure, blood glucose, immune function and inflammation disorders)

What will the process look like?

Sound Immersion is an opportunity to have personalized exposure to powerful Tibetan Bowl, chime and Symphonic Gong sounds for a specific need or just for the deep relaxation afforded by these instruments.  Each session is 45- 60 min. You will have the opportunity to choose specific sound resonances that appeal to you and your interest.

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