What Clients Say

"Thomas Roberts regularly does programs for us. The evaluations are extremely positive. They mention he is clear in his presentations, excellent as a listener, and responds positively to all questions. As a presenter, he draws the largest number of participants in our "Journey Towards Wholeness" program. People who hear him once, want him to come back. I enthusiastically endorse Thomas Roberts as a presenter, speaker, and facilitator."

Vince Hatt, Director - Franciscan Spirituality Center, La Crosse, WI

"Thomas has presented several times at the RoundRiver Institute and has always provided a high level of professional, compassionate and engaging instruction. But more than being a good teacher, Thomas models the concepts he brings to students with mindful attention to the needs and interests of workshop participants. I've enjoyed my work with him in the past and look forward to collaborating with him in the future."

Mark Taylor, Owner - RoundRiver Institute

"Thomas Roberts’ Mindfulness Workshop was just what our inmates needed. The inmates ALL had excellent feedback, and 100 percent is rare to hear. What they and I like about the exercises is that they are practical. The men can and do practice them in their cells and can continue them at home after release. They equip participants to cope better with stress, helping during early, middle and long-term recovery from addiction and the crimes that often coincide with those addictions."

Kathryn J. Willson, AODA Clinical Counselor/Social Worker - Wisconsin Department of Corrections

"Thomas Roberts is a gifted teacher. He elegantly weaves anecdotal stories and personal observations into experiential exercises. The climate that he creates in the classroom is compelling and magical."

Jerry Wellik, Ed.D., Professor of Special Education - St. Cloud State University

"Thomas Roberts has been a presenter at the Franciscan Spirituality Center for the past two years. His presentations are well received. Participants experience him as authentic and knowledgeable. In addition to this he is very sensitive to his audience and respectful of their questions and observations.

Because Mr. Roberts is a good presenter and provides a workshop (Mindfulness) that is of interest to many people, the Center benefits financially by the large number who attend. The Center also benefits because new people come to his programs and then often return for other programs.

Mr. Roberts is a wonderful person to work with from an organizational point of view. He is adaptable, respectful and cooperative."

Mary Kathryn Fogarty, FSPA - Franciscan Spirituality Center, La Crosse, WI

"It was an honor and privilege to have Thomas Roberts co-teach the Mind-Body Healing Course at St. Cloud State University Campus this summer. Thomas’ extensive clinical experience and background helped to make the course come alive through his hands-on experiential approach, backed by theory, research and practice.

He has a gentle, caring, style that puts the students at ease, and allows them to explore the mindfulness based concepts and techniques at the level they are ready for. The amount of care and effort Thomas took in teaching the course was very evident; excellent power points with a wealth of information, well-designed curriculum, and stimulating teaching style.

Students described this course as a 'life changing experience,' that included 'joyful, playful, child-like discovery,' and provided ‘renewal and re-centering.' Team teaching with Thomas was an amazing experience for all of us involved – his creativity, spontaneity, and ability to tag-team allowed for incredible synergy and flow. We look forward to his continued involvement on our campus!"

Niloufer Merchant , EdD, NCC, LP - St. Cloud State University


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