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"This is the book I have been waiting for to best introduce individuals and groups to mindfulness-based ways of navigating the fullness of life. Thomas Roberts is a masterful guide who weaves together decades of experience, personally practicing mindfulness and therapeutically being with others through the agony, ecstasy, and boredom of everyday life. Roberts' guide to being present to mind and body within the flow of our lives should become a model and a standard in the quickly expanding world of mindfulness research and applications."

Greg Johanson, PH.D., coauthor of Grace Unfolding and a founding trainer of The Hakomi Institute

"Finally, a book that breaks down complex mindfulness concepts into easy to understand modules! Roberts masterfully guides you through many user-friendly techniques, making them much simpler to incorporate into everyday life. An excellent resource for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners."

      Niloufer Merchant, ED.D., licensed psychologist and professor at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN

"Many books in this genre offer interesting eye-openers but no concrete tools which you can actually use. Mindfulness as a concept is frequently obscured by a vague veil of abstract terms. What does mindfulness actually mean?

What is it to be mindful, and when are we mindless? Why do we find it so difficult to accept that we are in fact a tiny, ever-changing component of a wonderful all-encompassing whole?

Using a step-by-step method, Thomas Roberts helps you to experience what mindfulness is. With each step your anxieties and negative illusions become smaller, so that the essence of your being remains. In this way this book gives you the chance to experience yourself and life itself to the deepest degree. Mindfulness is chiefly about openness: if you can look at yourself and everything around you without judgement, and with patience and compassion, you will discover the true beauty hidden in all things.

Your book truly is the best book on mindfulness I have ever read (and I read A LOT of them). Your book is already very much appreciated by professionals and clients I work with. Especially the part about the changing self (if I can call it that) really inspired me to write my own thoughts about the contextual self. Your book explained and reminded me I'm not a consistent verbal entity, but instead constantly connected with the contingencies that define me. To feel alone is an absolute illusion once you get this insight. Personally, I really like to thank you for that."

       Dr Gijs Jansen is a psychologist and tutor at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, and specialized in mindfulness

"I believe that the interactive journal form in which this book is written makes it the most potent presentation I've ever seen delivering the message, 'You could start right this minute to have a happier, more gratifying life.' Get a pencil. Start to read. Follow the instructions. Not only will you begin immediately to understand that the promise and the goal of mindfulness is complete inner transformation from habits of suffering to habits of happiness, but you'll also feel that change begin in yourself at once. This workbook is full of explanations that validate techniques, stories that delight the heart, haiku that lift the spirit. This would be a great college psychology textbook and a great boon to any student starting a career in mental health."

Sylvia Boorstein, Ph.D., co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

"The Mindfulness Workbook is filled with deep wisdom and masterful practices for living a mindful life. Read it, practice it, live it!"

Bob Salt, Ph.D., chair of the Human Development and Family Studies department at the University of Wisconsin - Stout

"The Mindfulness Workbook is a gem. I appreciate the reader-friendly format in which the thoughtful and valuable information is presented and am looking forward to the journey I am about to embark on by using this workbook!"

Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Mindful Woman, The Courage To Be Yourself, and The Woman's Book of Soul.

I'm on page 5 in this book, and I'm already hooked. I've been struggling with a way to be less reactive and more relaxed in my life, and I believe my search is almost over. Just having "mindfulness" redefined as a way of responding to the world and taking it out of the overused word category has helped. My hope is that I will learn to behave compassionately with myself and with others and in my daily experiences. My life has been fear-based for too long, and I already feel a sense of freedom...even at page 5.

        C. Patterson (Amazon)

 This is the absolute best book for working through fear and the stress that goes with it. I bought this for my husband and we have gone back through it over again in specific areas if he has an issue. I cannot express how great the worksheets are and also the examples of others who have suffered. With this book, we have been able to overcome deep rooted fear issues. Please.... give this book a try.

        TCH Design (Amazon)

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